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R4 3DS Cyclo3DSCan I copy Nintendo 3DS games using R4 DS?
At this time it is still unclear if we will be able to use the regular R4i SDHC / AceKard 2i and SuperCard DSi flash cards to play .nds roms (DS game copies / backups) on Nintendo 3DS, but rest assured that there will be R4 cards made specificly for the new N3DS handheld! All video game console without exeption get a backup tool sooner or later. If You intend to exesize your right to have one backup copy of any software you own you should take into consideration:

  • not to update the rirmware of your 3DS, as it is usualy the eraly firmware verions that get unlocked first, so by updating you may be closing a door for R4 on 3DS
  • buy 3DS as soon as it is released - later versions will come with updated firmware.

R4 3DS Flash CardCustom firmware for running R4 3DS cards may be required, but none of the DS series consoles required any mod-chips so I don't think that N3DS will require you to chip it. Buy R4i N3DS Flash Cards and play Nintendo Game Backup Copies!

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R4 3DS Card - Flash Cards and microSD adapters for N3DS roms R4i DSi R4DS SDHC.
Download R4 DS Roms also known as NDS Games for R4i.

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