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Can I play NDS ROM Games on Nintendo 3DS?

NDS Roms 3DS R4Depends on IF R4 DS Flash Cards are 3DS Compatible or how soon R4 3DS cartridges will be made available.
SuperCard team (the makers of DSONEi and DSTWO) are more or less confident that the DS part of the 3DS should be fairly easy to crack, and that we will be playing NDS roms on the 3DS long before 3DS only games. In fact R4 3DS is already able to run all .nds and DSi games on the new console! After all Nintendo can not introduce new anti copy protection for OLD DS games, to keep the console compatible with the millions of cartridges already sold, so R4DS, EZ-Flash V, SuperCard DStwo and AceKard 2i that works on all DS, DS-Lite and DSi XL consoles are very likely to be compatible with Nintendo 3DS and if there are any compatibility changes that need to be made to make it work on 3DS it should not take too long. After all it took only a couple of days to make NDS Flash Cards work on DSi after Nintendo made an Anti-Piracy firmware update. Stay tuned for updates and hands-on tests of which cards are compatible and able to play nds roms on 3DS.NDS Roms 3DS R4

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